Vital statistics
Age 17
Species Demon Hybrid
Series Aurora
Location Dark City
Nano Item Giant Machete
I'm the Catalyst, the fifteen seconds you'll never have!


Zekzon Austin is Zack Tonami's best friend and teammate. They are pretty much an unbreakable duo. Zekzon is more of a Devil than Zack, even though he is stronger.


After Fuse's invasion, Zekzon got separated from the group and was found unconscious in Dark City. Fuse minions were just about to take him captive, but he was saved by Red X. Zekzon is a mission giver like Zack, though his missions tend to be more challenging. He now resides at Dark City with Mr. Krabs, Dark City's Mayor, Red X, Sedusa, Slade, and Rei Miyamoto.


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