Hello guys. Thetexassooner1 here new owner of the fanon fusionfall wikia. I have issued a new plan to get this wikia back on track. This is not going to be a list but just a page full of ideas. So let us get started. This thing is the most importent thing i think should be done, make sure all the fanon stuff makes since. This means don't say on one page, for example, chowder died in the battle but in another page that comes out later and is a higher level mission or something and chowder is alive and ok. PLEASE make sure this makes since and joins togheter to, as i like to put it, and NEW game of fusionfall created all by the users and the users only. If i ever get time to as i am a busy person, I will put wikia creation to a halt and make a GAME for this entire new game. Next topic i think we should consider, this wikia was meant to have stories and plots and all that stuff. This is something that Regular Guy stuctured from the very begining of the wikia. He created this wikia for users to create fanon areas and places, npcs, and stories. We are missing out on those stories and series that is a favirote of all fanon. I will start creating a series of my own when i get this wikia in a combination of mine and Regular Guys image. Another thing i should note is, don't be afraid to use provanity. This means swearing, and all that. Here are the ratings as i see them:

G - No cussing, sexual themes, and little or no suggestive themes.

PG - Little or no cussing, little or no sexual jokes, small suggestive theme.

PG-14 - Cussing but no very stronge language( I know you know what i mean) , sexual dialog and nothing done. Most is making out crap or something, suggestive themes that 14 year old can see.

R - (I want to see this rarly! All these must me typed up the storyline into a word or text document and send me a link to my talk page. If you do not know how to do so) Cussing all you want, sexual themes as far as you want, suggestive themes.

These are only some ideas. I will update when i have time.

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