Okay, I can understand the excitement of adapting beloved characters from favorite cartoons, comics, and video games for a crossover with the FusionFall universe. But there is a certain amount of excess that is being indulged in.

I am talking about the idea that every character has to have a Fusion version with its own Fusion lair. There are location pages on this wiki that have no description of the location except for a long list of Fusions of characters drawn from every imaginable heterogeneous source. It's as if the original game had insisted that there be a Fusion Dukey, a Fusion Dracula, a Fusion Ilana, a Fusion Major Glory, Jake, Buttercup, and Ice King.

Moreover, while everyone, it seems, has been coming up with Fusion versions of heroes, there seem to be rather few original Fusion Monsters to fill in the spaces between Fusion Lairs (if any space is left between the dozens of Fusion Lairs). In contrast with the dozens of Fusion Characters there are precisely five Fusion Monsters listed on this wiki, and one of them is an individual Fusion Blowfish. (Some other generic monsters, e.g., Grape apes, are mentioned on individual pages with no links and no descriptions.)

I don't want to seem dictatorial or overly critical, but may I gently suggest that fans should at least consider including only main characters as Fusions, and perhaps devoting some of their creativity to devising the ordinary Fusion Monsters that should roam the numerous areas they are creating?

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