I was doing a clean-up of the Titans Tower article, which started out as nothing but a pure grammar and syntax purge.  As I went along, I recalled a few statements from other pages, which I thought would be as well to incorporate into the clean-up, such as the idea that there was a portal by the TT which led to the Justice League Watchtower.  Then I noticed the statement that TT stood in Orchid Bay, which does not quite jibe with the cartoon being set outside of Jump City, so I tried to incorporate that as well. And then I noticed the discussion at the foot of the page...

Robin is being watched over by Nightwing?  But Nightwing and Teen Titans Robin are both Dick Grayson — the same person.  How was that possible?

Well, actually, it's not all that uncommon on Cartoon Network for more than one version of the same person to be able to interact with himself.  The first example that leaped to mind was Mordecai on Regular Show actually kidnapping himself on the episode, "Bad Kiss."  A still funnier example, to my mind, comes in the "Party" bumper for Cartoon Network's 20th anniversary, when all three versions of Ben 10 catch each other shouting, "It's Hero Time!"  (Lumpy Space Princess: "Awkward!")

My suggestion is that the wiki formally adopt the concept of the Time-Space Paradox, or Temporal-Spatial Anomaly, and make it the fan-official explanation of why two different versions of the same character can share the same plane of existence.  With all the time traveling and wormholes and tears in the fabric of reality caused by the interflux of technology and magic and the power of imagination and all that, it should not be impossible to adopt a fairly standard form of argle-bargle to explain exactly why Dick Grayson is watching over Dick Grayson.  (Now if someone could just explain to me why all the Titans are still alive after the episode "Ghost Boy" of Teen Titans Go!...  Eh, maybe Low Five Ghost changed them back.)

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