I'd like to express my (somewhat belated) good wishes to all our FusionFall heroes and heroines in this season of new life and new beginnings.  Let's hope that we will see creativity flourish here at the wiki -- and I have little doubt that it will, considering the highly inventive fans that we have the privilege to host.

Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.  Of course, we can't expect perfection -- a living site with no rigid border has to expect to exhibit a sort of jungly overgrowth -- but I hope we can all try to work together to give at least an unruly harmony to FusionFall fanon as a whole.  I would (if I may without immodesty) recommend to some of our editors going back to some of my older blogs and messages for suggestions and hints as to how to improve their editing skills, so as to make their posts a little more readable and more in line with the high standards we hope to maintain at the wiki.

If I may, I'd like to single out Kyra Xyrespace and Metashadow555 for particular commendation, for being hugely helpful as well as showing great imagination and judgement in their additions to the wiki.  Thanks, guys!

Okay, now let's see a new flowering of fan-fiction and art here at FanonFall.  It's Spring in the FusionFall Universe!

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