Since this is a fan fiction wiki, I wonder if there should not be some form of outreach to authors of FusionFall fan fiction (which I hope would also extend to fan artists), encouraging them to post summaries of their fan fictions here. It seems to me that that would create a more comprehensive site, would offer those fans another place to advertise their wares, and would encourage others to come here. With great good luck, it might even interest enough people in the game to encourage Cartoon Network to take a look at revitalizing it, at least in some form (a super long shot, I know).

There seem to be only a relative few fictions currently represented on the site. Shouldn't a wiki that represents the quasi-canonical status that is "fanon" take into account as much of the fan fiction of its particular fandom as possible?

It seems to me that this wiki could use a little more activity. This might be one way to stir things up.

Is anyone actually acquainted with any of the fan authors, say, at, or the fan artists at, say,

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