i have been going through a lot of the pages on the wiki here, and I have noticed a trend which I find a bit disturbing in relation to the "kid-friendly" Massively Multi-player Online Game that inspires (at least nominally -- I have doubts sometimes the people who posted one or two of the pages here ever actually played the game, or, indeed, ever watched Cartoon Network) the fan fictions of the FusionFall universe.

Why do so many of these fans keep pushing the idea that characters, particularly children, are being slaughtered en masse in the "war" on Fuse?  Has everyone forgotten the presence of "Resurrect 'Em" in the game?  "Death" in the FusionFall universe wasn't even as drastic as in those videogames in which a player had six or twelve lives to give before having to re-start the game; players had unlimited lives.  Frustrating as it was to "die" six times in a row trying to beat the same troop of Motorzillas, it was hardly as harrowing as losing your character once and for all -- and to compare it in any sense with the real, permanent death of a soldier on the battlefield is ... distasteful, to say the least.

To pretend that FusionFall involves child-soldiers in the same sense that the "Lord's Resistence Army" does is so callow that only extreme youth and inexperience can excuse it.  It argues a severe lack of taste.  A writer who has personally lost someone to warfare might have a case for "writing out" the pain that would entail, but for anyone to do so to add a spurious "depth" to a story that is set in a CARTOON universe is odious.  As someone who myself had an uncle killed in battle when he was merely nineteen (admittedly, this happened before I was born myself, but I saw the grief it caused my mother, years after the fact), and who has had several relatives, including my father, on the front lines of wars, I find it particularly insulting.

Again, when I remember the extreme youth of a lot of the people writing these things, I just shake my head and tell myself, "They don't know any better."  Stil, I do sometimes wish people would pause and consider that comparing a cartoon-based videogame to real life tragedies may not always be the most appropriate thing to do.

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