I have noticed that quite a few of our contributors have a specific problem with punctuation, one that is very easily fixed. There is a tendency to leave out the spaces that ought to be placed after most marks of punctuation, viz., the period or full stop ".", the comma ",", the colon ":", the semi-colon ";", the question mark "?", the exclamation mark or "screamer" "!", closing quotation marks or inverted commas " "" ", and the closing bracket or parenthesis "), ], }". The only punctuation marks that should not be followed by a space are opening quotation marks or inverted commas " "" ", apostrophes " ' ", and the opening bracket or parenthesis "(, [, {".

Even worse, this neglect of spaces is very often accompanied with a total neglect of capitalization — the use of Big Letters — even at the beginning of sentences (where one would expect it to be obvious).

These may seem like small points, but, believe me, in terms of legibility, they make a huge difference. Let us demonstrate:

  • as the fusion spawns came closer,tann(did he have to be such a big chicken?)screamed,"yeeeeow!"and ran.the spawns came on ruthlessly;however,ben stepped forward and zapped them.the tide was stemmed:the game could go on.
  • As the Fusion Spawns came closer, Tann (did he have to be such a big chicken?) screamed, "Yeeeeow!" and ran. The Spawns came on ruthlessly; however, Ben stepped forward and zapped them. The tide was stemmed: the game could go on.

Now, isn't that a lot easier to read? So, please — give your punctuation its space, and remember that to write only small letters is (ahem!) a capital crime.

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