I'd like to send out a special plea today to all those who want to create a page on the wiki. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do NOT put up completely blank pages.  Today there were over twenty posted on the wiki, and it was exceptionally tedious going back and marking each one as a stub, in order to make sure that it wouldn't be forgotten and remain a blank page in saeculum saeculi, world without end, Amen.  There are few things as disappointing as logging onto a brand-new page, all agog to see what fan ingenuity has made of connecting Heckle and Jeckle or The Power Rangers or whoever with our beloved game, and then being faced with the blue screen of boredom.

Every page should ideally have an information box; a picture; a brief note identifying the character, location, weapon, or whatever; and a blurb on what the subject of the article has to do in FusionFall.  (Less importantly -- much less importantly -- it would be nice if the author created links to previously posted pages on the wiki, and tried to mention other previously posted pages on the new one.) Obviously, not all authors will have the time or inspiration to manage all of those.  However, anyone who has the time to put up a page at all ought to have the time to put up at least one of the aforementioned features.

Fan participation and co-operation is one of our principal goals; we're all here to have fun by showing off our creativity and appreciating the creativity of our fellow fans.  Genuine participation, however, implies that a certain amount of effort will be put into the creative process.  Obviously, not all pages will call for the same amount of detail; Dexbot Q-60 is not going to get as big a write-up as Edd.  Still, if a page is worth putting up at all, it is worth at least a line or two of description. Please consider that before creating a new page.

Thanks again, guys, for your patience as we try to whip the wiki into shape!

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