You know, guys, I think it is time that we started weeding out some of the unnecessary and far too numerous categories that we have assigned to the articles here on the wiki. I know that it is fun and all to add a new category to an article, and that it helps build up to a new achievement badge -- I've succumbed to badge fever myself at times. Nevertheless, we ought to start considering the usefulness (or uselessness) of a lot of the categories we have been attaching to each page. For instance:

Redundant Categories

We have a category for Teens and a category for Males. Do we really need a category for Teen Males? There were categories for Heroes and for Superheroes, for Villains and Ex-Villains, and for Anti-Heroes. (I have had the temerity to trim a number of these back.) We have both Locations and Areas. Honestly, folks, do we need to have a category for each of the tens of ways of saying the same thing?

Overly Broad Categories

I can understand having a Cartoon Network Characters category; but is it really necessary to have a NON-Cartoon Network Characters one? Isn't it pretty obvious that if a character is marked as a Nick Character or a Fan Character that he or she is not a CN character? Even worse is the marking of Humans; it is pretty evident that the vast majority of characters are going to be humans. Isn't it rather an insult to the intelligence to have to be told so?

Overly Narrow Categories

We have the categories Fruits and Keyblade Wielders. Each, naturally, has only one member. Do we expect a flood of characters from The Annoying Orange or Kingdom Hearts any time soon?. How many different Samurai are we likely to have? Do we need to separate out Rigby Nano Missions from other Nano Missions?

I think it would behoove us here on the Wiki to start a discussion on the principles behind these categories. My own instinct is to trim them down quite a bit, following the example set by the FusionFall wiki, though perhaps with a little more leeway given. For instance, though I have been assured that Males and Females are not appropriate there, I can see how they have their uses here. I think it is a matter for discussion whether we should distinguish among the various shows, games, etc. Should we divide up Video Game Characters, Sega Characters, Sonic the Hedgehog Characters, Sonic Rivals 2 Characters? Divide Mysteries, Inc. from Scooby-Doo, and Scooby-Doo from CN and Hanna-Barbera?

You guys let me know what you think. Personally, I think it's time for a little house-cleaning.

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