I find it extremely odd that although there seems to have been a great deal of enthusiasm for having the Teen Titans as part of the FusionFall Universe, of the five members of that organization, none of them has received a write-up except for Beast Boy -- and he has received not only a formal NPC template with a character portrait, but he has also received at least three different locations and fates from various fans.  Not even the Titans' leader Robin has received a write-up, although an alternative history Nightwing (let me remind readers that these two characters are both supposed to be Bruce Wayne's ward Dick Grayson) appears in FusionFall, watching over both Robin and Beast Boy (again!).  Robin does get a glancing mention in the Titans Tower entry; in the same entry Raven is (rather incongruously) tied into the Buttercup/Mojo Jojo narrative.  There were brief mentions of Starfire and Cyborg in the Teen Titans entry, but, again, of the five Titans, only Beast Boy has received his own page.

I have tried to harmonize the various BB scenarios, but I personally think the best thing would be to trim away some of the excessive narrative.   By the way, I wish some of our fans would drop their sanguinary devotion to killing off characters.  It's really not in the spirit of the game (kid-friendly MMO, remember?), and it is (salva reverentia) rather a cheap method of adding drama.  Besides, it just makes extra work for Grim, and the poor fellow has had enough of his vacation eaten into.

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