Well, I added some JavaScript enhancements. With help from the Young Justice Wiki.

  • New Show/Hide buttons.


New Templates for you guys.


  • This template is for series creations. Your series must take place during the events in fusionfall. You may add fanon adventures like this, EXAMPLE! Or prelude: an introductory performance, action, or event preceding and preparing for the principal or a more important matter. (So I will accept series that take place before the events in FusionFall, but they must have fit into the main story.

Also look at examples of a fan fiction wiki: Oh, not this again!


Events for the wiki will be coming up. I need to speak with Thetexassooner1 on these matters. I had plans for a St. Pats day event, but they fell through. But, a wiki event will happen.


Yes, new admins. Right there are only two, but soon I will add new admins to the staff.


More users are needed to make things happen. Tell your friends about the wiki. I am currently trying to get the FusionFall Wiki to post an ad on their wiki for ours (since we have supported their wiki).

All in all, have a REGULAR DAY.

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