Stories in FusionFall

Stories in FusionFall Series
Season 1 Episode 2
Main Characters Fusions
Mission Planning
Blossom, Dexter, Drew, Eddy, Grim, Gwen, and Mandy gather in Peach Creek Commons to discuss the mission.
DexterA Dexter
Fantastic job recruiting, Eddy and Blossom! Thank you all for agreeing to assist in this operation.
Drew SaturdayA Drew Saturday
We're just glad to help out.
GwenA Gwen
Anything to help our friends at Foster's.
EddyA Eddy
Okay, now let's hear about this plan.
Mount Blackhead - The Wilds
Numbuh ThreeA Numbuh Three
*running into the base at Mount Blackhead* Oh no, you guys! I was just strolling through the forest with one of my Rainbow Monkeys when I saw Fusion Bubbles.
MacA Mac
Fusion Bubbles is back? And probably up to no good, too. We should investigate.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Sounds good to me. But we should stay here for now. She could spring an attack on the fortress at any time.
The Mission
Foster's Home - The Suburbs

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