For those keeping up with the talks on certain pages, you'll know we're having issues with the Teen Titans and Young Justice groups.

I'm semi-versed in the DC Universe, and am seeking permission to modify the pages to fit them. Please tell me if I should go through with it or not.

What I Plan to Do

  • Make a separate page for Teen Titans' Beast Boy (the current Beast Boy is YJ's, not TT's).
  • Make a separate page for Robin (Nightwing & the Robin mentioned [here] is referring to Tim Drake, not Dick Grayson which is the perceived Robin in TT).
    • I will also make a page for that Robin.
  • Fix up the Watchtower page and Titan's Tower Page.
  • Make it that the Teen Titan's were brought into the FF world through a dimensional wormhole, keeping the YJ universe the dominant for the FF world.
  • Update the Justice League members.
  • Make a page for Cyborg
  • Make pages for more members of the Team.
  • Make more pages for members of the League.

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