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  • Kyra Xyrespace

    Wow oh wow. I can't believe it's been two years since I've worked on the site. Lot has changed, so it's going to take me some time to get the hang of things again.

    I'm going to make an attempt to fix the things with the DC lore. We're using three universes, but not much is being done to make them work, so I'm going to sit down one day, flesh something out, and fix up all the DC pages to match it. My plans for them?

    • Make the YJ universe the dominate DC Universe since it has both Young Justice and Justice League.
    • Make TT the second universe that was pulled into this universe.
    • Fix all the pages to acknowledge this.
    • Maybe make the event page for this.
    • Make and differentiate the multiple Robins.

    I'm also debating on pulling in ideas from 'Stop the g:K…

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  • Kyra Xyrespace

    For those keeping up with the talks on certain pages, you'll know we're having issues with the Teen Titans and Young Justice groups.

    I'm semi-versed in the DC Universe, and am seeking permission to modify the pages to fit them. Please tell me if I should go through with it or not.

    • Make a separate page for Teen Titans' Beast Boy (the current Beast Boy is YJ's, not TT's).
    • Make a separate page for Robin (Nightwing & the Robin mentioned [here] is referring to Tim Drake, not Dick Grayson which is the perceived Robin in TT).
      • I will also make a page for that Robin.
    • Fix up the Watchtower page and Titan's Tower Page.
    • Make it that the Teen Titan's were brought into the FF world through a dimensional wormhole, keeping the YJ universe the dominant for the F…

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  • Kyra Xyrespace

    Sung here

    Let's get down to business. To defeat Lord Fuse. You may think you've got it. Do you think you'll lose? You're the smallest bunch I've ever seen I suppose you'll have to do Somehow we'll win this war With all of you

    Run through Twisted Forest Kill the Fusions that sting. Once you do find Courage Turn on the stone thing.

    You're a spunky, loud, rebellious lot, Who still has a lot to do. Somehow we'll win this war With all of you.

    Bloo: This course is going to be my death Billy: I don't want to have to do this. Blossom: Don't give up, there's no way we can back down. Rex: Come on guys, Fuse is going down! Ben: Hey don't you steal my line! Dexter: This is going to be a very long day.

    (Win the war) We need to push him off of our planet. (…

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  • Kyra Xyrespace

    Sung here

    I don't know if you can hear us, or see the damage here? Do you see how the humans, aren't shedding one tear? They come and fight and kill and slay us, and run away from me Can you come and maybe help us, so we can go and split this scene?

    Fuse help your minions, fighting from birth. Show them the mercy they don't get on Earth. The green and the slimy still follow your lead. Fuse help your minions, and fulfill our need.

    We ask for your help, that you can do. You are the lucky, that we strive to. Fuse help your minions, the weak and the poor Aren't we all your subjects of war?

    I don't know if there's a reason; why the humans fight us Why the few they never seem to hate us, fear us, run when they see us

    Fuse help your minions, the tatte…

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  • Kyra Xyrespace

    Please Please Please

    February 2, 2014 by Kyra Xyrespace

    Before I begin, I am in no way a mod or admin; I'm simply a member.

    Please please please remember to add A to Z in the category for missions, locations, and characters. A to Z is the central library for these pages and are an easy go-to for find these pages. So please remember to add A to Z; make it the first thing added if you made a new page, and if you stumble across an older page that doesn't have it, please add it.

    Please and thank you.

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