• Jikaro

    How will gamers Fusion Fall?
    As some may know, I had planned a manga about the game, but I stopped put here because he had not found a translator to translate the fic, and I'm right back to reactivate the project.

    PFFF is a Brazilian project (which is also the intention extends world wide web) that is making a Fanfic and Fanzine Manga Style Adapted Game.
    Well,during the past year, had examined the amount of Arcos we have and this would hinder the production, so I decided to hire Co-Writers Project,We accept suggestions for improvement of the project.
    Remember that I also have a manga in the works, more due to the price increase, I will be taking a break in their production.
    And what I have in mind for the Fic?
    Well,lately seen a Fan animation DB…

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