I am a big fan of the Super Mario series and the FusionFall series, so I had the idea of putting Super Mario in FusionFall in a quest to help CN Characters to defeat Lord Fuse and his minions. In this blog, I'll put that idea with NPCs, Fusions, Nanos, Items, Areas...


Protagonist/Anti-Hero Fusions

These Fusions appear at the end of Fusion Lairs as Bosses.

  • Fusion Baby Mario
  • Fusion Baby Peach
  • Fusion Baby Luigi
  • Fusion Baby Daisy
  • Fusion Baby Rosalina
  • Fusion E. Gadd
  • Fusion Donkey Kong
  • Fusion Diddy Kong
  • Fusion Dixie Kong
  • Fusion Pauline

Friend Species Fusions

These Fusions appear at Fusion Lairs as guards or enemies fought before the Fusion Leader of the specific Lair.

  • Fusion Gearmo
  • Fusion Whittle
  • Fusion Jibberjay

Antagonist Fusions

  • Fusion Dry Bowser
  • Fusion Nabbit
  • Fusion Gooper Blooper
  • Fusion Dino Piranha
  • Fusion Eyerok
  • Fusion Reznor

Koopa Troop Species Fusions

  • Fusion Chain Chomp
  • Fusion Amp
  • Fusion Chargin' Chuck
  • Fusion Sumo Bro.
  • Fsuion Thwomp
  • Fusion Bob-omb
  • Fusion Chuckya
  • Fusion Buzzy Beetle
  • Fusion Spike Top
  • Fusion Spinie
  • Fusion Fuzzy
  • Fusion Bully
  • Fusion Cheep-Cheep
  • Fusion Cheep-Chomp
  • Fusion Urchin
  • Fusion Parabones
  • Fusion Bullet Blaster + Fusion Bullet Bill/Banzai Biil/Torpedo Ted
  • Fusion Flutter
  • Fusion Mechakoopa
  • Fusion Blargg


  • Nano Mario
  • Nano Luigi
  • Nano Peach
  • Nano Daisy
  • Nano Yoshi
  • Nano Birdo
  • Nano Toad
  • Nano Toadette
  • Nano E. Gadd
  • Nano Wario
  • Nano Waluigi
  • Nano Bowser
  • Nano Bowser Jr.
  • Nano Dry Bowser
  • Nano Kamek
  • Nano Big Bob-omb
  • Nano Boom Boom
  • Nano Pom Pom
  • Nano Nabbit
  • Nano Sledge Bro.
  • Nano Baby Mario
  • Nano Baby Luigi
  • Nano Rosalina
  • Nano DK
  • Nano Diddy Kong
  • Nano Dixie Kong


Mushroom Kingdoom

  • Yoshi's Island
  • Mario & Luigi's House
  • Toad Town
    • Infected Zone: Peach's Castle
  • Baby Park
  • Mario Kart Stadium
  • Rock-Rock Mountain
  • Layer-Cake Desert
    • Infected Zone: Desert's Cake
  • DK Jungle
    • Infected Zone: DK's House
  • Gloomy Forest
    • Infected Zone: Luigi's Mansion
  • Sherbet Land
  • Pipe Maze
  • Bob-omb's Factory
    • Infected Zone: Factory HQ
  • Neo Bowser's City
  • World Bowser
    • Infected Zone: Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Road

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