Fusion Hammer M

aka GoldHammer

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Fusion Hammer M

    We're on a mission to #BringBackFusionFall. Yes. For real. (Fusion Fall Legacy Description on Facebook)

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  • Fusion Hammer M

    I am a big fan of the Super Mario series and the FusionFall series, so I had the idea of putting Super Mario in FusionFall in a quest to help CN Characters to defeat Lord Fuse and his minions. In this blog, I'll put that idea with NPCs, Fusions, Nanos, Items, Areas...

    These Fusions appear at the end of Fusion Lairs as Bosses.

    • Fusion Chain Chomp
    • Fusion Amp
    • Fusion Chargin' Chuck
    • Fusion Sumo Bro.
    • Fsuion Thwomp
    • Fusion Bob-omb
    • Fusion Chuckya
    • Fusion Buzzy Beetle
    • Fusion Spike Top
    • Fusion Spinie
    • Fusion Fuzzy
    • Fusion Bully
    • Fusion Cheep-Cheep
    • Fusion Cheep-Chomp
    • Fusion Urchin
    • Fusion Parabones
    • Fusion Bullet Blaster + Fusion Bullet Bill/Banzai Biil/Torpedo Ted
    • Fusion Flutter
    • Fusion Mechakoopa
    • Fusion Blargg

    • Nano Mario
    • Nano Luigi
    • Nano Peach
    • Nano Daisy
    • Nano Yoshi
    • Nano Birdo
    • Nano Toad
    • Nano T…

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  • Fusion Hammer M

    Fanon Fusions

    December 5, 2012 by Fusion Hammer M

    Nothing to do here.

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