Zach is a mobian wolf from mobius and is very smart and his smartness is equal to dexter and mandarks.(this is my sonic fan charcter just wanted to add something not from fusionfall here o3o)

Fusion Fall

In fusion fall,mobius was invaded by fuse and zach and his wife got away to earth.Zach put his wife somewhere safe and they split up.Dexter noticed zachs smartness and asked zach to help him in the war by fighting and helping nano enhancement,zach accepted it and went to city hall with bubbles and the mayor.Bubbles calls him cute for a talking fox and zach says that hes not cute.

Vital statistics
Real name Zach
Age 27
Species Mobian fox
Designation Tough Wallabe
Series Sonic fan charcter
Location City Hall
Nano Item Goggles
Voiced by Me!!!

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