ZachA World Mission Fishing For Whales(Part 4 of 4)
Level 16
Difficulty Hard
Character Zach
Place City Hall
Find bubbie
My Notes
I found bubbie and helped the bikini bottom from being infected
ZachA Zach
Alright!Time to find bubbie!Quick!Follow bubbies trail!
Step 1
Follow bubbies animal tracker trail before time runs out.Time :200
BubbieA Bubbie
Aww my baby wants me back?I wish i could but its poisened there!Here its fresh water!But those nasty fusion patricks are infecting it.Can ya defeat them for me and tell flapjack i cant come?
Step 2
Defeat Ten fusion patricks Fusion Patricks 0/10
BubbieA Bubbie
Thank you very much!Now go tell flapjack im ok.
Step 3
Talk to flapjack
FlapjackA Flapjack
Bubbies ok?This means twice as more adventure!Im so happy!Here take this adventurer cap as a reward!You deserve it!

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