FlapjackA World Mission Fishing For Whales(Part 1 of 4)
Level 14
Difficulty Normal
Character Flapjack
Place Leaky Lake
Find Bubbies stuff
My Notes
I found some of bubbies stuff and found Captain K,nuckles in bikini bottom.
FlapjackA Flapjack
Can you go find bubbies stuff for me so zach can use them for his animal tracker?
Step 1
Look in bubbies stuff near flapjack
StickybeardA Stickybeard
Arr!!!That candy be mine!
FlapjackA Flapjack
Oh no!Those mean candie pirates are gonna steal bubbies candy!I need you to reason with them!
Step 2
Talk to stickybeard
StickybeardA Stickybeard
Hmmm ye be wantin me to spare the candy do ya?Well ill do it.But i need you to give this whale tooth to flapjack.I think its that bubbie gal's tooth
Step 3
Deliever bubbies tooth to flapjack Bubbies tooth 1/1
FlapjackA Flapjack
Bubbies tooth!Thank you so much!Im gonna eat this candy now!

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