Act 7

Scene 3

Avant Gardens

---A bright light flashes---

Duke:  ...what just happened?

Hael: No time. We've got Maelstrom coming!

---An army of Maelstrom is running at the bottom of The Monument---

Cole: They're trying to knock down The Monument!

---Blossom's eyes suddenly start glowing blue and she shoots a laser out of her mouth that blasts the Maelstrom army into pieces; she then falls unconscious and everyone walks over to her---

Blossom (weak): What just happened?

Dexter: I... don't know.

Vanda: We're almost at the top. We've got to keep moving.

---They finally make it to the launch site past The Monument---

Numbuh 2: We made it.

Numbuh 4: Now what?

Duke: We need to build a rocket. It is the only way to get to Nimbus Station.

Numbuh 5: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!

---They walk up to the rocket build---

111px-Rocket Build

Duke: What type of rocket do you guys want to build?

Numbuh 3: Oooh! Oooh! I want a pink one!

Dexter: Can I get lasers on mine?

Ed: And cheese?

---Everyone starts talking about what type of rocket they want to build---

Hael: One at a time!

---Everyone is silent---


Well then...

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