Finally, actually posting something...


Act 7

Scene 2

Avant Gardens

Duke: So...

Overbuild: Remind me to have him fired.

---They start going up the path---

Numbuh 2: Come on guys, hurry up!

Dexter: I don't think you should-

---Numbuh 2 turns a corner and then goes flying back into the wall behind him 2 seconds later---

Numbuh 2: Oww...

Numbuh 5: He deserves it...

Hael: I've got this one.

---Hael takes a deep breath and then jumps up, runs on the walls and then smashes the fan with his sword; after that he sighs---

Overbuild: You know, you could have used the switch that you can build right over-

Hael: Whatever.

---Everyone keeps on going, building switches as they go on---

Numbuh 2: I think it's safe. I'm going to run on ahead and- YOW!

---Numbuh 2 burned his butt on a laser---

Numbuh 2 (mumbling): What my luck...

---Everyone is still walking and then they see something---

Blossom: What is that?

---She points to the Imagination Brick above---

Imagination Brick

Hael: It is an Imagination Brick. It has a huge amount of imagination inside of it.

Blossom: Let me look at this.

---Blossom flies up to it---

Duke: Be careful! It has a lot of raw energy inside of it!

Blossom: Let me just touch it...


I don't think that is such a good idea!

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