Sorry... forgot again...


Act 7

Scene 1

Avant Gardens

---The heroes are going to meet Rocco Sirocco---

Rocco: Oh my god, it's Cole. Better impress him.

---Everyone walks up to him---

Cole: Hi, Rocco! Are you practicing your spinjitsu?

Rocco: Yes, sensei. Who are those guys?

Duke: They are people from a planet we crash-landed on. We best be going on our way, so-

Rocco: But I wanted to show you guys what I learned!

Duke (annoyed): Fine...

---Rocco performs Earth Spinjitsu---

Rocco Sirocco Spinjitsu

Cole: Doing good, Rocco! Next time, though, you should have a better stance.

Rocco: Sorry, sensei. I will practice harder next time!

---Everyone says goodbye to Rocco and goes into the tunnel---

Numbuh 4: So where are we going now?

Overbuild: Up ahead is the monument. I warn you, though, for some reason the equipment is going haywire!

Numbuh 2: It's OK. How hard could it be?

---Of course, Numbuh 2 jinxed it as everyone looks at the monument in awe--- 

Rusty Steel: You gonna climb that?

Rusty Steele

Blossom: Yeah, why?

Rusty: Well, a couple of days ago, some Stromlings got past the outpost and made it over here. They infected some of the machines with this green stuff, and now they attack people. Nobody has been able to get to the launch pad past the monument for a week!

Numbuh 5: Numbuh 5 says we're going to bust up some fans!

                                                                                                                                                               Maelstrom Fans? That doesn't sound good. I hope they didn't get to the Imagination Brick!

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