Well, it doesn't look like I posted anything on Friday, but at least I am posting it now.


Act 6

Scene 3

Avant Gardens

---Everyone else is inside the Sentinel camp meeting people---

Sentinel Camp

Beck Strongheart: Welcome. Where is Duke and Hael?

Beck Strongheart

Beck Strongheart

Blossom: They went into that cave over there to get a Maelstrom Cube. Who are you?

Beck: My name is Beck Strongheart. I am a Sentinel commander and I run this whole outpost over here.

Dexter: What is that cave over there?

Monument Tunnel

Beck: That cave leads to the monument. Want to go and see it?

---Everyone agrees; Duke and Hael come back---

Duke: We're back. Did you guys meet Beck yet?

Kai: Yes, we did. We were just about to go see the monument.

Cole: Hey, look, there is Rocco Sirocco!

Rocco Sirocco

Jay: Let's go meet him!

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