Forgot again... sorry... had to go to the doctor.


Act 6

Scene 2

Avant Gardens

Duke: Rahh!!!

---Duke starts fighting alongside Hael; after a minute all the monsters have been cleared out---

Melodie Foxtrot: You boys need any help?

Melodie Foxtrot

Melodie Foxtrot

Hael: We're fine. Who are you?

Melodie: I'm Melodie. Didn't you guys go missing last week?

Duke: Yes. The Maelstrom shot us down onto another world. It seems that he also made an ally with a tyrant attacking their world, too.

Hael: We're looking for a Maelstrom Cube. Have you seen one?

Melodie: I don't have one, but the spiders down their in the Maelstrom Mine seem to have taken one.

Duke: Thanks. Let's go, Hael.

---The two of them run down into the mine---

Duke: What the...?

Maelstrom Mine cave

---They are both amazed at the amount of Dark Spiderlings in the area---

Hael: We can't let this stop us. Split up!

---The two of them start fighting; after a minute Duke finds the cube---

Duke: I've got it! But wait...

Hael: What?

Duke: Come over here.

---Hael walks over to Duke---

Hael: What is it?

Duke: Look at the wall.

---There is Fusion Matter dripping from the wall---

Hael: Fusion Matter.

Duke: The Maelstrom had to come back for this to be here... this is not good.

Hael: Not good at all. Let's go meet up with the others.


This scene might be a little short, but I will post a new scene tommorow instead of on Saturday.

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