Was I supposed to make this scene yesterday? Sorry if I was, because I have a very bad cold which is making me distracted from everything else.


Act 6

Scene 1

Planet Fusion

---A Stromling is nervously standing in front of Fuse and The Darkitect---

Stromling: Yes, you see, um...

Fuse: Just tell us! You won't regret it...

Stromling: A spaceship launched from the Skypad space port 2 minutes and 42 seconds ago-

Fuse: What?! You will regret telling me this!

Stromling: But- you said-

---Fuse smashes the Stromling---

Darkitect: They are heading towards Nexus Tower. Shall I intercept them?

Fuse: No. Wait until they get there, then destroy them once they think they are safe. They are smart enough to keep their guard up in deep space.


Nimbus System

Duke: We've entered the Nimbus System. I reccomend looking out the window, guys.

Map of Nimbus System

A map of the Nimbus System

Everyone: Woah...

Overbuild: That chunk over there is Avant Gardens, over here is Pet Cove, Nimbus Station and Starbase 3001, and over there is Gnarled Forest, Forbidden Valley, Crux Prime and the Ninjago Monastery.

Blossom: Where is Nexus Tower?

Vanda: Over there on Crux Prime. It is where the giant beam of energy is.

Hael: That is the Imagination Nexus.

Dexter: Where are we landing?

Duke: The only place with a launch pad big enough is Avant Gardens. We will have to land there, next to the Paradox Laboratory.


Avant Gardens

---The ship lands on the launch pad---

Avant gardens

Wisp Lee: What the...?

Wisp Lee

---Everyone comes out of the ship---

Wisp Lee: Duke? I am so glad to see you! I have much to tell- ugh!

---Wisp Lee shows signs that his hands are hurting him badly---

Vanda: This is Wisp Lee, one of our Paradox researchers. Are you OK?

Wisp: Yeah, I'm fine. The Maelstrom has been attacking a lot more since you guys have been gone, and they recently took my Maelstrom Cube from me and hid it in Spider Cave over there. If you can get it, I would be glad to let you keep it.

Duke: Me and Hael can go into the cave. The rest of you should go to the Sentinel encampment over there.

Numbuh 2: Sounds good to me. I'm afraid of spiders!

---They split up and Duke and Hael go into the cave---

Spider Cave entrance

Duke: OK, we've got to make a plan of att- hey, where'd you go?

---Hael has already started attacking---

Duke: Oh, brother.


I hope that my full size pictures are worth looking at. We will find out what happens next on Tuesday.

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