Now we are off to the Spaceport...


Act 5

Scene 3

Offworld Plaza

---The heroes arrive at the Skypad Space Port along with the laser cannon, which was rolled over on wheels---

Blossom: Well, here it is.

Ben: The Skypad Space Port.

Skypad Space Port

The Skypad Space Port

Numbuh 5: Numbuh 5 wants to bust up some monsters. Let's go in!

---The Dexbot attendant warps them inside the Spaceport---

Duke: You have the Dextronium?

Dexter: Yes.

---Everyone pauses for a moment and then they start attacking---

Numbuh 2, 3, 4 and 5: Raahh!!!

---Everyone takes out any weapons that they have and then start shooting the monsters; Dr. Overbuild steps in a patch of Fusion Matter---

Overbuild: Ow! What is the stuff?

Dexter: Raw Fusion Matter. Don't step in it!

---Dr. Overbuild steps out of the Fusion Matter; Ben turns into Big Chill and flies up to a spaceship along with a crate of Dextronium---

Ben (as Big Chill): Big Chill!

Big Chill

Big Chill

---A terrafuser on the spaceship starts spawning monsters---

Ben (as Big Chill): Take this!

---Ben freezes the terrafuser and the monsters around it and then pours Dextronium all over the ship; the Fusion Matter on it gradually disappears---

Ben (as Big Chill): Yes! Everyone, hop on!

---Everyone hops in the spaceship; the ship is able to take off despite Stromling Apes throwing bolders at it; the ship flies out of the infected zone and into space---


Sorry I was one day late. There was a lot of thunder in the area and I had to turn off my computer in the middle of typing this.

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