A Fusion Duke? This can't be good. And his sword has Maelstrom energy running through it...


Act 5

Scene 2

City Hall

---All of the heroes are fighting as hard as they can---

Blossom: We- grr!- need to get to the Spaceport!

Vanda: That's right. Also- hey, who's that?

---Fusion Duke lands on the ground after jumping off of Butterscorch---

Ben (as Spidermonkey): What the...

---Fusion Duke laughs evilly---

Fusion Duke: My my, what a battle we have here. It even looks like you're winning. That is about to change!

---Fusion Duke jumps towards Dexter to attack him---

Numbuh 4: Look out!

---Dexter jumps out of the way; Fusion Duke's sword slices the ground and starts infecting it with Maelstrom---

Neido: Take this!

---Neido hits Fusion Duke and makes him stumble back---

Jay: That was- hi-ya!- close! What are we supposed to do now?

Cole: Guys! I've got an idea!

Zane: What is your plan?

Cole: Remember when we were- ow!- in the underworld and Jay couldn't talk?

Kai: Yeah, what about it?

Cole: We got out by doing the-

Zane: Tornado of Creation!

Dexter: The Tornado of Creation?

Kai: Yeah. Step back!

Cole: Earth!

Kai: Fire!

Zane: Ice!

Jay: Lightning!

The four ninja: Ninja, go!

---The ninja do the Tornado of Creation and everything and everyone (including the Great Machine) get sucked up---

Tornado of creation

The Tornado of Creation

---When the tornado stops, there was a giant laser cannon with Kai in the cockpit section; he aims the gun at Fusion Duke--

Kai: Take this you son of a-

---The laser fires and hits Fusion Duke in the face; he goes flying back---

Fusion Duke: Ah!

---He falls in the water---

Kai: Who's next?

---All of the monsters run or fly away---

Kai: That's what I thought.

---Kai jumps out of the cannon; everyone starts cheering and stuff---


I actually feel kind of bad for Fusion Duke. I wonder what The Darkitect will do once he finds out what happened...

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