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Act 5

Scene 1

The Precipice

---The scene shows the safe area of The Precipice where the shopkeepers are---

Plumber Barry: Hey, Marlon!

Plumber Marlon: What?

Barry: Come look at this.

---Plumber Marlon walks over to him and sees that a device in his hand is beeping like crazy---

Marlon: What is it?

Barry: These readings are off the charts!

Marlon: What are they for?

Barry: It detects the amount of energy in the area, and there seems to be a lot of it.

Marlon: Hmmm. I don't know what it is. Maybe we should ask your brother?

Barry: My brother is out in the wilds over there. I am not going after him.

Marlon: Then what should we do?

Barry: Hey, what's that?

---A Maelstrom Dragon is flying through the sky---


Fuse's Lair

---The Maelstrom Dragon lands behind Fuse's castle---

Fuse's Castle

A map of Fuse's Castle.

Fuse: Does it have the DNA?

Darkitect: Yes.

---Butterscorch, as the dragon turned out to be, puts a piece of blonde hair in Fuse's hand---

Fuse: This will be perfect. Stand back.

---The Darkitect stands back and Fuse creates a green Fusion Matter orb around the hair---

Fuse: Grrrr-

---The green orb starts glowing, a green light flashes and the orb disappears---

Marlon: What was that?

Barry: What?

Marlon: I saw a green flash.

Barry: Probably an eruption attack. Normal around here.

Marlon: I dunno, it looked suspicious...

Fuse: Introducing, Fusion Duke Exeter!

Fusion duke exeter

Darkitect: Yes... this is perfect...

Fuse: I am... weak. I must rest.

Darkitect: Then let's rest then. Butterscorch?

Butterscorch: Hmmm?

Darkitect: Bring him to City Hall. We must capture this... Great Machine.

Fusion Duke Exeter: I will not fail you.

Darkitect: And if you do?

Fusion Duke: I won't live to see the light the next day.

Darkitect: That is what I want to hear. Now go destroy those heroes!

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