Will the heroes' plan work? Let's find out...


Act 4

Scene 2


Dexter: We need to get the power back on so that we can contact everyone else.

Numbuh 2: Isn't there a communications satelite in City Hall?

Ben: Yes, but there is also- The Great Machine!

Great Machine

Blossom: Fuse is probably trying to take it over right now!

Numbuh 5: So let's go then!


City Hall

---It is shown that Bubbles and some KND operatives are defending the Great Machine; Bubble is fighting a Dark Spiderling---

Dark Spiderling

Bubbles: What... are these things?

---The spider knocks her over, picks her over and starts snarling at her---

Bubbles: AHH!!!

Blossom: I've got you!

---Blossom flies down from the sky and punches the Dark Spiderling---

Bubbles: Thanks, Blossom, but aren't you supposed to be in Sector V?

Blossom: We've got more important issues on our hands. Let's roll!

---The rest of the heroes come and they continue fighting---

Dexter: I... just had a scary thought.

Ben (as Swampfire): What?

Dexter: That these spiders... are the children.

---The Spider Queen jumps down in front of them and starts snarling---

Spider Queen

The Spider Queen (right)

Ben (as Swampfire): We're going to need more fire, right?

Dexter: Big time.

---Dexter and Ben start battling the Spider Queen---

Kai: Ugh! Why isn't our spinjitsu doing much to them?

Duke: You need to use Imagination!

Neido: Ninja, go!


Neido on Crux Prime.

Duke: Like that, with Imagination Spinjitsu.

Imagination Spinjitsu

Imagination Spinjitsu

Kai: OK then, but how did you get on our ship?

Neido: With a little bit of ninja stealth- something we should both have- I was able to make it on board.

Kai: Never mind, let's fight!


We've got more things in store, and you'll be up for a suprise on Wednesday.

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