So this is what the plan will be.


Act 4

Scene 1


---The heroes are gathered around a round table with a 3D hologram projector on it; the simulation of Planet Crux was just shown and then the projector turned off---

Dexter: So that is why The Maelstrom exists.

Duke: Yes. And right now, the Imagination Nexus is in Nexus Tower, and we need to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of Fuse and the Darkitect, or else the.

Imagination Nexus

Ben: So, with this Imagination Nexus, could we destroy Planet Fusion once and for all?

Overbuild: Possibly, but with almost all space travel blocked for now, we can't do it.

Blossom: Don't we have the Spaceport?

Numbuh 2: Yes... but it hasn't been active since Fuse took it over.

Numbuh 5: How about we just gather up the rest of us, take back the Spaceport, and then find your Imagination Nexus thing?

---Everyone is silent for 10 seconds---

Mandark: That plan would work, except for the fact that Dexter isn't up for the task-

---Dee Dee slaps Mandark in the face again and turns away from him---

Mandark: Ow! What did I do?

Dee Dee: Hmph!

Dexter: So should we gather up the rest of the heroes?

Blossom: Yes, I can get my sisters- I mean sister- to come.

Numbuh 2: And I can contact Numbuh 1- hey, why isn't this thing working?

Dexter: Strange. It seems that all communications systems are down, but at least we still have power-

---The power goes out---

Dexter: And... I jinxed it.

Blossom: But why did the power go out?

---The scene zooms out to reveal that Fusion Max cut the power; Dexter works on his backup computer---

Dexter: Using my backup computer I have here, it seems that the power line has been-

Computress: Cut. Probably by a Fusion, most likely Fusion Max, who is the closest Fusion detected in the area.

Fusion Max


Duke: But why would he cut the power?


Two Minutes Earlier

Planet Fusion

Fuse: So you are saying you can create ANYTHING with this... Imagination Nexus?

Darkitect: Yes, but what I plan on doing with it is... mutating it.

Fuse: What? Why would you change it into something else when you have the power to create ANYTHING with this little shard that isn't being protected by the ones who found it?

Darkitect: You do have a point... but that blasted Overbuild and his friends will try to stop me. My former collegue seems to know almost everything about me.

Fuse: The only place with a way off of their planet is under my control. Even if they try to take it over, they won't get past the Terrafusers. They will perish!

Darkitect: Yes... but we must still assemble our forces somewhere so that we can launch an attack. And we also need to keep those heroes in the dark.

Fuse: Literally...

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