Now I know that you are probably annoyed about how many scenes took place in Peach Creek, but don't worry, this one doesn't. And notice that the setting isn't just DexLabs but rather all of Tech Square itself...


Act 3

Scene 3

Tech Square

---Dexter is working inside of DexLabs again---

Dexter: Ah-hah! I have discovered a new element!

Computress: Congratulations, Dexter. What should the name of the new element be?

Dexter: Hmmm. How about Dextronium?


A Dextronium capsule

Computress: I will submit this to the IUPAC immediately.

---There is a sound outside that sounds like a ship landing---

Dexter: They're here already? Huh...

---Dexter walks outside to see the heroes walking out of the ship---

Dexter: Hello, there, I am Dexter, and this is Computress, and you must be Duke Exeter, I presume?

---Duke points at each person while saying there names---

Duke: Yes, I am. And this is Dr. Overbuild, Vanda Darkflame, Hael Storm, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, and Bob.

---Dr. Overbuild looks up at the sign for DexLabs---

Overbuild: A fellow scientist, eh?

Dexter: Yes. In fact, I have just discovered a new element, a rare one, by the way, which I plan to name Dextronium.

Computress (sarcastically mumbling): So selfless...

---A device starts beeping in Dr. Overbuild's pocket---

Overbuild: Huh.

Blossom: What?

Overbuild: That's strange. Your new element seems to contain high amounts of Imagination in it.

Dexter: Figures. I have tested this new element on Fusion Matter, and it seemed to be highly effective in breaking it appart. It also seemed to have high amounts of Imaginary Energy.

Overbuild: Does this "Imaginary Energy" allow you to make ideas become real?

Dexter (words in parentheses are mumbled): Yes it does, it allows you to create Imaginary friends (such as those stupid idiots Coco and Cheese)...

Cheese and coco

Cheese (left) and Coco (right)

Mandark: At least it's not that Mag-ick stuff.

---Every one turns around to see Mandark---

Mandark: Greetings. I am Mandark, the TRUE genius of this planet, and Dexter is just- Dee Dee...

Duke: A what?

---Dee Dee is walking out of the ship and Mandark stares at her dreamily---

Dee Dee: Sorry! I just had to take a leak! Now what were you talking abou- oh, why is HE here?

---Mandark continues to stare at her---

Mandark: Dee Dee... my love...

---Dee Dee slaps him in the face and turns away from him; Mandark rubs his cheek---

Mandark: Ow...

Dexter: That's what you get, Mandark. Come, let's discuss the current situation.

---Everyone starts walking into DexLabs while Mandark yells "Wait for me!" as he tries to catch up---


Now let's ponder about what the heroes' plan will be until Friday...

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