Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, I just didn't get a chance. Here it is.


Act 3

Scene 2

Peach Creek Commons

Duke: Now what do we do?

Edd: I am afraid I don't know.

---Suddenly, a ship twice the size of a helicopter decends and hovers a couple of feet above the ground; when the door slides open, the Ninjago Ninjas, Zane, Kai, Jay and Cole, appear inside---


Cole: Need any help?

Vanda: Perfect timing.

---I wonder why (insert sarcasm here)---

Jay: We're here to get you home! Get on!

Duke: No can do, Jay! We need to help these guys! The Maelstrom has teamed up with these guys called Fusions and are attacking this world! We need to help them!

Zane: Then the least we can do is get you somewhere safe. Get on, before-

---A Fusion Stromling is smashing the fuel tank; it starts leaking fuel---

Blossom: Take this!

---Blossom hits the Fusion Stromling in the face and it stumbles back---

Nya: The fuel supply is running low. You guys need to get on now!

---The four faction leaders jump onto the ship; so does Edd, Father and the Kankers---

Nya: Where should we go?

Dexter (over NanoCom): To DexLabs. It's the safest place to be for now.

Nya: Hang on!

---The engine starts to get loud and the ship starts flying away; everyone sighs---

Numbuh 2 (mumbling): Maybe Paradox should not have ditched us...

Blossom: So who are these guys?

Cole: Well, I'm Cole...

Zane: I'm Zane...

Kai: I'm Kai...

Jay: And I'm Jay. Together, we are ninjas that defend the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitsu-

Zane: Which each have elemental powers.

Jay: -from the evil Lord Garmadon.

Cole: And I'm the team leader.

Kai: I don't think you needed to mention that.

Cole: I think I did.

Jay: No, you didn't.

Zane: The information is rather supplementary to their knowledge-

Kai: We don't need any of your smart-alec statements, Zane-

Cole: I think that we did-

---The ninja continue arguing and then Nya interupts them---

Nya: We have no time to argue. We are being attacked!

---Everyone hears a dragon roar in the background; Nya tries to shake them off but fails---

Nya: I can't shake them off!

Numbuh 2: What are we going to do?

---Everyone starts screaming until they hear laser sounds; the laser sounds eventually stop---

Ben (as Jetfire over NanoCom): What's up, guys?

Numbuh 2: Thanks Ben, we would have been toast!

Blossom: We are on our way to DexLabs. Are you going?

Ben: (as Jetfire over NanoCom): I guess so. We're almost there.


On Wednesday, we'll see what the heroes' plan will be. I won't forget this time.

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