Sorry for the wait. Here it is though.


Act 3

Scene 1


Ranger Joey: Are you sure they are all alright over there?

Eddy: Sure, why wouldn't they be?

---The two of them here and see an explosion, a roar, and a green streak in the sky---

Ranger Joey (sarcastically): Because of that?

Eddy (annoyed): Fine, fine, let's go over there.


---5 seconds earlier---

Blossom: OK, I'll save you, Professor-

---A green streak of light hits Blossom and blows her back---

Blossom: What the...


Fusion Blossom: What's the problem, Blossom? Don't like a visit from your Fusion?

Blossom: Well, no, but... hey, wait a minute! Take this!

---Blossom punches her Fusion in the face and gets Fusion Matter all over her hand---

Blossom: Ew....

Fusion Blossom: What's wrong? Can't you have a little pit of green in your style?

---The ground starts shaking and a Neverest pops up through the hill---


Neverest: RAHHH!!!

Eddy: Hey, guys, it looks like you needed help, so I - AHHH!!!!

---The Neverest smashes the ground near Eddy and Ranger Joey and they go flying---

Eddy and Ranger Joey: AHHH!!!!

---When the two of them think they hit the ground, they are actually caught by the Kanker Sisters---

Lee: Hey, Eddy. Want a kiss from your girlfriend?

Eddy: AHHH!!!!

---Eddy jumps out of Lee's arms, grabs Ranger Joeys shirt and starts running---

Ranger Joey: I thought we were going to help them.

Eddy: Not anymore, chump!

---Eddy runs away, back to the Cul-de-sac---


Well, some hero. Let's see what happens next on Sunday!

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