Let's see what Fusion Princess does here...


Act 2

Scene 3

Peach Creek Commons

Fusion Princess: Roo! Get over here!

Numbuh 2: Who?

---A Maelstrom Ape Invader appears at the top of a hill; his full name is Roo Morgg---

Roo Morgg

Fusion Princess: He's being mean to me! Destroy him!

Roo Morg: GRR!

---Roo throws a bolder at Numbuh 2---

Numbuh 2: Hey! What did I do to you?!

---Roo jumps off the hill and smashes the ground near Numbuh 2 when he lands and he goes flying---

Numbuh 2: AHHH!!!!!

Numbuh 5: Hold on!

---Numbuh 5 comes from the west and catches Numbuh 2---

Numbuh 2: Thanks!

Numbuh 5 (straining): You're...welcome!

Blossom: Are you two going to keep doing googly eyes to each other and are you going to fight?

Numbuh 5 (mumbling): And you say I have googly eyes...

Dee Dee: Ooooo, what does this button do?

---Dee Dee is playing around with a Stromling Mech---

Stromling mech

Dexter (over NanoCom): Dee Dee? What are you doing? That is not a toy, that is the enemy-

---Dee Dee presses a button and a laser starts shooting out of the robot---

Dexter (over NanoCom): Blossom! Get my stupid sister out of here before she gets hurt!

Blossom: Roger that, Dexter!

---Blossom flies over to Dee Dee and then hears Proffesor Utonium screaming for help while a dragon roars---

Professor Utonium: Help!

Blossom: Proffesor?! Hold on, I'm comi-

Dexter (over NanoCom): But what about Dee Dee?

---Blossom looks back and forth between Dee Dee and Proffesor Utonium and tries to decide who she will save---

Dexter (over NanoCom): Well, are you going to just stand there and do nothing or are you going to save someone?


Who will Blossom save? Find out next time on my blog!

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