So what happens to the heroes? Let's find out right now, right here.


Act 2

Scene 2

Peach Creek Commons

Father: What... is it?

Edd: Oh dear.

Blossom: Why... is it purple?

Vanda: Oh no.

Dexter: What?

Vanda: That meteor is Maelstrom infected!

A Fusion Stromling pops out of the ground near the meteor, and then more of them start coming as everyone starts backing up---

Blossom: Is that a Stromling?

Duke: Yes, but it shouldn't be green!

Edd: Proffesor, if you don't mind, I recall you talking about Fuse and The Maelstrom having an alliance. Is this true?

Paradox: Yes, and judging by the dragon that is going to land in about 5 seconds, I think-

Edd (suprised yet angry): 5 seconds?! Why didn't you tell us earlier, when the dragon wasn't coming?!

Paradox : I am more of a bystander from time to time...

---The dragon lands---

Blossom: I hope that Bubbles comes soon...

Dexter: At least it is only one dragon.

---Dexter jinxed it; 6 more of them land, and the one that is closest to them is Butterscorch, the leader dragon---

Father (starting out calmish and then becoming excited): I don't think that you should have jinxed it!

Edd: We're going to die!

---Everyone screams, but before Butterscorch strikes, a rock hits it in the face---

Butterscorch: Hmph?

---Everyone turns around, and they see two of the Kanker sisters---

Marie: Hey! Stay away from my boyfriend!

Butterscorch: Grrr...

---The dragon shoots flames at them, and they jump behind their Trojan Hamburger---

Trojan hamburger

The Trojan Hamburger

Kankers: AHHH!!

---Duke takes out his sword and shield and cuts the dragon's face---

Butterscorch: RAH!

---Butterscorch breaths flames again, this time blocked by Duke's shield---

Fusion Princess: Leave him alone!

---Everyone turns around and Fusion Princess is hovering next to the entrance to her lair---

Fusion Princess: Dragons!

---All of the dragons turn to her---

Fusion Princess: Destroy them!

---The dragons all attack and Fusion Princess looks on the ground---

Fusion Princess: What do we have here? Oh, a Plumber device? This will be useful...

Numbuh 2: Leave that alone, you green-colored freak!

---Numbuh 2 wacks her in the face; Fusion Princess is revolted---

Fusion Princess: How dare you?! Just you wait to see what I will do!


What will she do? Find out tomorrow right here on my blog!

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