What landed in the trailer park? Well, I won't exactly tell you, but I think that this conversation will help you figure it out.


Act 2

Scene 1

Planet Fusion

Fusion Demongo: My lord, there is someone that requests your presence in the doorway, and they-

Lord Fuse: Requests my presence? Who dares to request the presence of me, king of this planet, Lord Fuse?

The Darkitect: I do.

---Fuse turns around to see The Darkitect---

Fuse: Who are you?

Darkitect: People know me as The Darkitect. I am possibly one of the most feared beings in this galaxy, being the core of The Maelstron itself.

Fuse: Impossible! Only I can be the most feared being of the galaxy! I am the one destroying it!

Darkitect: Destroying it? It seems that you are more my type than I thought you would be.

Fuse: What are you suggesting to me?

Darkitect: An alliance.

Fuse: An alliance? Will you be able to beat those pesky heroes?

Darkitect: I can do more than that. I have a new monster I made: the Fusion Stromling!

Fusion stromling final

The Fusion Stromling

Fuse: Yes, that is perfect! What else can you do?

Darkitect: Well, I also have robots, samurai, dragons-

Fuse: Dragons?

Darkitect: Yes, dragons. They are perfect for spreading chaos and destruction!


Maelstrom Dragon

Fuse: The alliance is officially made. I need to tell my troops new orders so that they don't attack their Stromling counterparts.

Darkitect: And how will you do that?

Fuse: My forces get information through Fusion Matter. I will send a meteor containing the new commands. Shall I send some monsters along with it?

Darkitect: It never hurts to- oh, wait, it does hurt!

---The two dark forces laugh evilly, and they send the meteor to Earth, specifically the Park n' Flush trailer park---


Uh-oh! This can't be good for the heroes. We'll see what happens next tommorow!

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