So my new fan story starts out like this... Sorry if it looks too much like a play because, well, that is how I got the format.


Act 1

Scene 1


Dexter is fiddling around with a compound and is about to discover a new element, which turns out to be Dextronium from FusionFall Heroes later on.

Computress: Dexter, there is something urgent I want to inform you about-

Dexter: Not now, I'm busy.

Computress: Dexter, this is an urgent matter-

Dexter (Annoyed): Not now! I am doing something very important. What can be so important that it has to interupt my work and-

Computress: We have recieved a signal from a homing beacon from a spaceship heading towards Earth.

Dexter: What?! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!

Computress (with a sigh): Yes, Dexter...

---The two of them look at the computer monitor, along with some lab assistants who are very curious and/or bored---

Dexter: This type of signal isn't from any of the most familiar systems. This looks like it is from another star system. Computress, which system do you think it from?

Computress: Well, the only system that I think that it can come from is the... Nimbus System.

---FYI, the Nimbus System is setting of the (dead) computer game, Lego Universe---

Johnny Bravo: The who-sa-whats-a-who now?

Dexter: Johnny, did you give the blood sample yet? You were supposed to get that two hours ago!

Johnny: I am not going near those sharp needles! Maybe I will give it if... that robot mama over there gives it to me.

Computress (Annoyed): No, Johnny, I won't give you the shot. It won't make a difference.

Johnny: Aw. It was worth a shot.

Dexter: We have another problem on our hands. The spacecraft looks damaged, judging by the strength of the signal. We need to warn the people of Sector V, or else they will all perish!


Well, that's it for scene 1. Stay tuned for the next scene tommorow. I will make new scenes every day. Enjoy!

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