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    Act 7

    Scene 3

    Avant Gardens

    ---A bright light flashes---

    Duke:  ...what just happened?

    Hael: No time. We've got Maelstrom coming!

    ---An army of Maelstrom is running at the bottom of The Monument---

    Cole: They're trying to knock down The Monument!

    ---Blossom's eyes suddenly start glowing blue and she shoots a laser out of her mouth that blasts the Maelstrom army into pieces; she then falls unconscious and everyone walks over to her---

    Blossom (weak): What just happened?

    Dexter: I... don't know.

    Vanda: We're almost at the top. We've got to keep moving.

    ---They finally make it to the launc…

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    Finally, actually posting something...


    Act 7

    Scene 2

    Avant Gardens

    Duke: So...

    Overbuild: Remind me to have him fired.

    ---They start going up the path---

    Numbuh 2: Come on guys, hurry up!

    Dexter: I don't think you should-

    ---Numbuh 2 turns a corner and then goes flying back into the wall behind him 2 seconds later---

    Numbuh 2: Oww...

    Numbuh 5: He deserves it...

    Hael: I've got this one.

    ---Hael takes a deep breath and then jumps up, runs on the walls and then smashes the fan with his sword; after that he sighs---

    Overbuild: You know, you could have used the switch that you can build right over…

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    June 10, 2013 by Badooga1

    Yeah, I think that Tuesday would be a better day to make new scenes. Sorry!

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    wait again

    June 8, 2013 by Badooga1

    OK, it looks like making a new scene every day isn't working out, so I decided that I will post a new scene every Monday to help ward off any case of the Mondays (even though it is almost summer). Sorry :(

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    Sorry... forgot again...


    Act 7

    Scene 1

    Avant Gardens

    ---The heroes are going to meet Rocco Sirocco---

    Rocco: Oh my god, it's Cole. Better impress him.

    ---Everyone walks up to him---

    Cole: Hi, Rocco! Are you practicing your spinjitsu?

    Rocco: Yes, sensei. Who are those guys?

    Duke: They are people from a planet we crash-landed on. We best be going on our way, so-

    Rocco: But I wanted to show you guys what I learned!

    Duke (annoyed): Fine...

    ---Rocco performs Earth Spinjitsu---

    Cole: Doing good, Rocco! Next time, though, you should have a better stance.

    Rocco: Sorry, sensei. I will practice harder…

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