• AliceTheGamer

    Hello There FusionFallers!

    It's me AliceTheGamer Here Once Again! I have a very very bad news that my old account (TwilightSparkle64) has been lost FOREVER

    But Anyways....

    Let me telling you guys about my Fan Animated Music Groups Idea!

    Because of today I'm watching MTV while back from school.... And then I saw my favorite animated music group called Gorillaz's music video shows up looks like It inspired me something....

    And then YES, my animated music group idea is "What if Cartoon Network Characters Became a Music Group?"

    It's Problaly gonna be like Ben 10 And The Team (Ben, Gwen, Kevin and my OC Alice), FusionFall Nation (Ben, Kevin, Rex, Mandark, Dexter)

    What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below!

    And then....See ya!

    Ps. S…

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