Thunder, is a twelve-year-old Plumber agent, who, with his partner Storm, had been assigned to arrest Raptor by Agent Zoe, their senior agent; they went to check the hidden Fusion laboratory. There they found the computer where Brich's life code was stored. Storm decoded Brich's source code and was able to extract a file which he thought was an audio transmission, but instead bought Brich back to life. With some help from Ben and Dexter, Thunder, Storm, and Brich were able to lure Raptor into the lab and kept him busy until Dexter was able to extract Brich's remaining codes from him and return them to Brich. Raptor's resultant fury brought forth his true form. Thunder then defeated him and they were able to restore Brich.


He is the team's most patient member. He will always think twice or three times before doing anything. However, like many patient people, his rage when angered is truly terrible. Thunder is a perfectionist in his work, and will ponder and ponder upon what is the best way to proceed at a task until he is sure of it.


Thunder has neat, longish black hair and large, deep-set brown eyes. He commonly wears a violet shirt with a yellow lightning bolt, brown pants, and blue shoes.

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