Numbuh 60A World Mission Think You Can Do It?
Level 19
Difficulty Normal
Character Numbuh 60
Place City Island
Pass Numbuh 60's and Brick's labors to become an honorary member of Fort Forte.
My Notes
In order to be able to enter the armory, a personnel card is needed, so Numbuh 60 and Brick have set up a set of labors in order to get the membership.

Mission Details

Step One
Speak with Numbuh 60 by the gate entrance.
Numbuh 60A Numbuh 60
Welcome back, maggot. Are you here to be an honorary personnel? It'll get you into the armory.... Excellent! Go talk to Brick at the training grounds. He'll start you off on your set of labors to perform.

Step Two
Go talk to Brick at the training grounds.
Brick (Total Drama)A Brick (Total Drama)
Hello there, maggot! Patton's already informed me of your intent to perform a set of labors to earn your right to be a Fort Forte Honorary Personnel. First thing to do is clean the latrine. On the double!

Step Three
Go and clean the latrine.
Numbuh 60A Numbuh 60
Excellent work. They look clean enough to eat off of, not that I'd want to. For your second task, go to the ruins of Titan Tower and bring back a piece of metal.

Step Four
Go to Titan Tower and retrieve a piece of metal. 0/1 Piece of Metal
Numbuh 60A Numbuh 60
Bring that back and give it to Brick. We'll put that in our treasury.

Step Five
Give the Piece of Metal to Brick.
Brick (Total Drama)A Brick (Total Drama)
Excellent work. We've been wanting a piece of Titans Tower to place away as history, but we've never had the time to do so. Excellent work. For your final task, go into the Mess Hall and peel three bags of potatoes.

Step Six
Peel three bags of potatoes. 0/3 Bags of Potatoes
Numbuh 60A Numbuh 60
Congratulations! Most would have stopped at our first task, but you powered through it. Return to me at the entrance gates.

Step Seven
Return to Numbuh 60
Numbuh 60A Numbuh 60
Excellent work sticking with the program. Here's your honorary personnel card. You can use it to get into the armory. Normally I'd be hesitant to give this out, but you've proven that you can be trusted.

Mission Summary

Think You Can Do It?
I passed three tasks from Numbuh 60 and Brick, and received a personnel card. I can now enter the armory.

Brick (Total Drama)A Brick (Total Drama)
Welcome aboard!
Numbuh 60A Numbuh 60
Don't make us regret it.

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