Super Techno
Super Techno pixel Art





Transforming from

Techno The Hedgehog with 7 Chaos Emeralds




White with no pupils like Dark Super Sonic


Red with white stripes

First Appearence

Techno the Hedgehog (Game Maker 2007)

I will kick butts; I will transform Dark Sonic back to Super Sonic and Sonic!

Super Techno is the super form of Techno who combined with seven Chaos Emeralds. Super Techno dodged Dark Super Sonic's power to transform him back into Sonic. This saved him from nauseous and stopped Eggman's plan for good. He will appear in Techno the Hedgehog 2 to stop Eggman once and for all.


Super Techno appears similar to Techno, but, like Dark Super Sonic, does not have pupils. Super Techno has the ability to fly in any direction to stop Eggman's evil plan and he has the power to cancel any power of the villains on behalf of the Good.

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