Spider Man
Vital statistics
Real name Peter Parker
Alias Spidey; Web-Slinger; Wall-crawler
Age 18
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Ultimate Spider-Man
Location Avengers Mansion
Nano Item Web Shooters from Shield
Voiced by Drake Bell

Peter Parker was just a normal guy before a radioactive spider bit him and gave him super mutant powers. He was transformed from an average guy into a hero named Spider-Man. Since that fateful day, he has been wrongly hunted down by the police, who blame him for attracting trouble in the city and causing major property damage. He is a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and runs his own team, acting as the members' mentor to get them used to crime fighting.


When Fuse rained down on Earth, Peter was doing homework, but then an Ender Hunter from Fuse came and destroyed his home. Fortunately, before that, Dexter had happened by and saved him and his aunt from the explosion. He is now at the Avengers Mansion, while the most of the Avengers are in the Galactus Universe working to defeat Galactus. Spider-Man (Peter's heroic alter ego) is helping everyone around the mansion. He often wants to know where Venom (one of Spider-Man's most dangerous enemies) is, fearing that Venom and Fuse could combine to become one.

Very curiously, as seen in one of the episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man's webs can block fire, thus demonstrating that his webs are Flame-Resistant and strong.

Frost the Hedgehog's Continuity

Much later in the game, when all traces of Fuse have been destroyed and no one knows who is behind the disappearances of many heroes and the arrivals of the more lethal Soulless Mirrors, Spider Man's Soulless Mirror is the third one to be made.

Soulless Mirror Spider-Man

Soulless Mirror Spider-Man. Originally uploaded by Frost the Hedgehog.

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