Vital statistics
Real name Sonia Strumm
Age 11
Species Human
Series Mega Man: Starforce
Location West City
Nano Item Rocket Boots
Voiced by Wendee Lee

Sonia Strumm, AKA "Harpnote," is the girlfriend and close friend of Geo Stelar. She used to be a famous world-known singer, but gave up that fame for Geo.


Sonia Strumm went to Labone Island to find her friend, Danny Phantom, who was searching for his girlfriend Sam on the island; when rumors began to spread spread, Danny disappeared. Sonia finds Danny in the Secret Fusion Lair of Fusion Slenderman and Fusion Sonic, where she is captured. Later, Geo sends the player to follow her trail, and the two are saved. Players can choose to fight one of the Fusions while one escapes. If players fight Fusion Slenderman, they get the Harpnote Nano. If they fight Fusion Sonic, they get the Danny Nano. If players fight both, they get both Nanos, but the difficulty is changed to hard. After this mission is completed, Sonia can be found in West City.

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