Sky Does Minecraft
Vital statistics
Real name Adam
Species Minecrafter
Series Minecraft
Location Butter Land
Nano Item Butter
SkyDoesMinecraft is one of the best minecrafters in the world.


In FusionFall Sky appeared first as a Nano before appearing as a NPC; he was one of the three free Nanos, the other two being Kirby and Master Chief. Sky came in the Minecraft Update along with Minecraft Universe, Deadlox, JeromeASF, and Bajancanadian. Sky gives Missions to defeat Fusion Squids and to restore Butter. When players have reached Level 50, they will receive a message that Sky needs help, "and freaking fast." Sky says that Dawnables has been taken by the Fusion Squids. After finding out that Fuse has brainwashed Dawnables, the player will have to defeat her. After that she recovers her memory, and Sky shows his gratitude by giving the player Butter armor and a fully enchanted Butter sword.

FusionFall III: The Rise of a New Villain

Sky was one of the two survivors of Butter Land; the other is Bajan Canadian. The rest have been captured by the D.O.W and transformed into D.O.T. Sky and Bajan are Camping at the Sumotori platform. They have no supplies and more D.O.H are coming. The player has to help them by restoring and bringing back Deadlox, whom they defeated with Betty and Butter Swords. Bringing Deadlox back is not simple; the player must get his armor and weapons. After doing that the player will receive the Sky Nano.


  • Skydoesminecraft, Minecraft Universe, Deadlox, JeromeASF, and Bajancanadian are the only Minecraft players in the game, though CaptainSparklez is the one who voices Steve.

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