Roxie Leeblossom
Vital statistics
Real name Roxie Leeblossom
Alias Rox, Spiderman
Age 18
Species Half Human, Half Acracnachimp
Designation NPC
Series Fusion Fall
Location Pokey Oaks South
Nano Item Spiderweb

Roxie Leeblossom is the daughter of Kotomi Leeblossom, and the granddaughter of Muriel and Eustace Bagge. She is currently dating Boomer of the Rowdyruff Boys. She is the younger sibling to Austin Leeblossom, and the older sibling to Maya Leeblossom.

Roxie is part Acrachnachimp (Spider monkey) and part human. She has four large spider legs that poke out of her back.


Roxie was born to Kotomi Leeblossom fifteen years before the war began.

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