Chapter 6
Published April 4, 2013
Written by Ghost Plasmore (ODROverdrive)
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"Readjustment" is the sixth chapter of the FanFiction.Net series, Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock.


Odd is having trouble adjusting to his new-found freedom, and Dexter wants him back to the battle in a week. He decides, as a relaxer, he'd go back to France and visit all of his friends. He is shunned by most, and when he finally meets up with his friends Ulrich, Yumi, Aelita, and William, they reveal that their friend Jérémie has died. He urges them to join the fight against Fuse, to save the world and to avenge Jérémie. They all reluctantly agree, and enter the Null Void.


  • This is the first chapter told mainly from another POV than Pike's.
  • This is the first Mission Journal of a non-staff member.
  • This chapter introduces Ulrich Stern, Aelita Schaeffer, Yumi Ishiyama, and William Dunbar.
  • This chapter contains the first mention of the death of Jérémie Belpois.


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