Raimon Junior High
Area Level 13
NPCs Mark Evans
Erik Eagle
Kevin Dragonfly
Axel Blaze

Raimon Junior High is the school that sponsors the championship soccer team, the Inazuma Eleven.


When Fuse attacked, only the school's interior became badly infected; player missions generally involve fighting fusions on the school grounds. Nanos missions are available for everyone on the team (even Willy, who was not there when Fuse attacked). Raimon is to the left of Goat's Junk Yard, near the Peach Creek Estates terminus.

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Mark Evans
  • Fusion Maxwell Carson
  • Fusion Axel Blaze
  • Fusion Willy Glass
  • Fusion Nelly Raimon
  • Fusion Kevin Dragonfly
  • Fusion Steve Grim
  • Fusion Silvia Woods
  • Fusion Celia Hills
  • Fusion Jack Wallside
  • Fusion Erik Eagle
  • Fusion Nathan Swift
  • Fusion Tod Ironside
  • Fusion Sam Kincaid
  • Fusion Bobby Shearer
  • Fusion Seymour Hillman